Are magnetic locks good for commercial security? Here are the pros and cons


Commercial establishments are often looking to streamline their locking mechanisms to ensure greater security as well as smooth ingress and egress. Lots of offices are now switching over to sophisticated security systems and ditching the traditional locks that were commonplace in almost every commercial setup in Sarasota, FL just a few years ago. Nowadays, you will see that offices are relying greatly on electronic locks or magnetic locks in Sarasota, FL to keep a check on external security threats. The administrators in charge of the commercial security of an establishment often consult top locksmith firms about the type of locks that should be installed at the premises. As one of the most sought after premier locksmith firms in town, Sarasota Locksmith Service is often consulted about magnetic locks and their benefits. Magnetic locks, or maglocks, have been in use for both commercial and residential security for a few years now. While maglocks are a fair choice for home security too, their true application is realized in an office setting. Now, finding quality magnetic locks in Sarasota, FL is not an issue. The real conundrum is whether you should get them installed at your office in the first place. If yes, then what kind of magnetic locks would be best for your commercial security? Fortunately, Sarasota Locksmith Service is here to answer all these questions and more. Over the years, hundreds of establishments have tapped Sarasota Locksmith Service for magnetic lock installation at their premises. With many years of experience and a solid reputation, we are the go-to commercial locksmith in Sarasota, FL. But before you zero in on your choice, it is important that you understand the mechanism of maglocks and their various pros and cons.

What are magnetic Locks?

While the name magnetic lock sounds a bit technical, the actual functioning of this type of lock is quite simple. Maglocks basically comprise an electromagnet and an armature plate. When the current passes through the electromagnetic component, a magnetic field is created which binds it firmly to the armature plate to securely lock the door. While an electric lock works on an open electric circuit, maglocks operate on a closed circuit. A magnetic lock can be easily installed on almost any steel, aluminum or wooden door. Magnetic locks in Sarasota, FL come in all types of varieties, from simpler ones with a holding force capacity ranging from 275-650 lbf (pound-force) to commercial-grade heavy duty variants with a holding force of up to 2,000 lbf.


Higher security: Magnetic locks are highly secure in an office setting since they create a very powerful bond when activated, making it almost impossible for anyone to forcefully enter the area. The holding force of a commercial grade magnetic lock is such that it is easier for a burglar to tear down a wall than breach the door where the lock is installed. Several offices use magnetic locks to fortify areas in the office where important documents, employee records, company statements and other sensitive information is used. Magnetic locks are also often installed at data centers.

Ease of operation: Maglocks are quite hassle-free and do not require the use of clunky keys. When they are powered on, they are activated instantly to create a locking mechanism around the door. The unlocking is just as simple when the power’s off. The whole operation hardly takes a second. Plus, the lock can be operated through several modes like keypads, swipe cards, biometrics, etc.

Quick installation: The installation process of a magnetic lock is also rather simple. It does not require too many moving parts and be installed within a day’s time by a capable commercial locksmith, such as the ones at Sarasota Locksmith Service.

Fail safe quality: Since magnetic locks use a power source for operation, they get automatically deactivated in the event of a power cut. Thus, they facilitate easy egress in case of an emergency such as a building fire or earthquake.


Dependence on electricity: While the fail-safe mechanism of a magnetic lock does facilitate easy exit, it also means that when power goes off in a non-emergency incident, your commercial security can technically be breached until the supply is restored. To bypass this, offices have to install a separate power source and battery system to ensure that the locks continue to work even during a power outage.

Costly: Though magnetic locks do not require a lot of equipment; they are costlier than their traditional counterparts. The commercial-grade variants are even more expensive since they are more powerful and sophisticated. However, the costs can be kept in check if you use a single-point access on a secure room to eliminate the requirement of multiple magnetic locks. Sarasota Locksmith Service can help you understand how to cut the costs after a quick inspection of your property.

Should I get a magnetic lock?

Magnetic locks are a very safe and secure option if you are looking to amp up your office security. In a complex office space with multiple security mechanisms, magnetic locks can be helpful in creating secure rooms and enforcing restricted access. Need more information on installing magnetic locks in Sarasota, FL? Dial 941-867-2776 and get in touch with the experts at Sarasota Locksmith Service!