Everything seems fine when the locks and keys are latching and turning without a hitch. But what if you come home one day and accidentally break the only key to your house inside the front door's lock? What if you stop at a gas station on your way back from work and realize you locked the keys inside the car? Inadvertent errors or mishaps related to your locks and keys can trigger an emergency. In distressful moments like this, only a capable locksmith with the right tools and experience can help get your life back on track.

Sarasota Locksmith Services is a well-renowned locksmith service provider in Sarasota, Florida that has helped countless of customers in their hour of need with lightning-quick emergency locksmith services. Our technicians come with years of experience and possess state-of-the-art tools to mitigate any lock or key-related trouble, be it with your car, at your home or your workplace. 

People trust us for: 

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  • Very fast response time
  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction
  • Trustworthy and reliable services
  • Use of high-grade tools 
  • Cost-friendly solutions


24/7 team

Several lock or key-related issues demand an urgent solution. You may need a duplicate pair of keys right in the middle of the night or want an immediate lock replacement service. Sarasota Locksmith Services understands the nature of such emergencies and offers 24x7 services so that help is always available. And don't worry, we don't add extra charges for emergency services. Day or night, you can avail our extensive range of locksmith services at the same affordable rate.

Mobile locksmith vehicles

Certain locksmith emergencies, especially those pertaining to your vehicle, can happen in a remote or unknown location where help may not be easily available. Luckily for Sarasota Locksmith Services customers, a capable locksmith is never more than 20 minutes away. With a vast network of mobile locksmith vans, we can reach any area within Sarasota, Florida at the drop of a hat!


Lockout assistance:

Lockouts are quite common everywhere. But what can be resolved within minutes turns into a nightmare when people try to forcefully regain access. Do the smart thing and call the experts at Sarasota Locksmith Services and let us take care of the situation.

Onsite key making services:

While several locksmiths would take hours or even days to create a new pair of keys, our experts can do the job within minutes and that too right on the spot. Yes, with advanced tools, in-depth knowledge and years of training, we offer a range of onsite key-making services, be it high-security laser key creation, key fob replacement or duplication of transponder keys.

Emergency lock replacement

Worried that a disgruntled former employee or a notorious tenant may try to break into the house with the keys you once trusted them with? Let our experts take care of your concerns with their non-invasive, highly-effective and cost-friendly locks rekey services.

Repairs and maintenance

Locks getting jammed frequently, rusty keys that are hard to operate or an old locking system are all telltale signs of an impending emergency. Don’t want to find yourself facing one? Call our experts for affordable repair and maintenance.

Priority to safety

Did you know that modern thieves can make short work of those old and heavy locks that people used years ago? Get in touch with Sarasota Locksmith Services and our experts will be happy to help you with the latest locking systems and install one at your premises.

Locksmith emergencies can happen anytime, anywhere. Rely only on Sarasota Locksmith Services, the no.1 experts who have won the trust and praise of the Sarasota, Florida community. Contact us now on our 24x7 helpline 941-867-0010!