How a door buzzer system improves efficiency, saves time


Competitive business owners are always looking for ways to improve efficiency at the workplace and increase the productivity of their staff. One of the ways this can be done is by reducing unnecessary workload on the staff. Commercial buzzer systems are the best way to do that. The rising adoption of buzzer systems in Sarasota, FL has allowed businesses to minimize effort-inducing tasks and focus energy on critical result areas.

Why buzzer systems? Most businesses and homeowners view buzzer systems as an added layer of security. That’s absolutely correct. With a buzzer unit, you can screen the visitors with the help of a camera or an intercom and allow entry accordingly. Plus, a buzzer system equipped with a camera can deter unwanted people from entering the building. The other primary benefit, however, is the efficiency it facilitates. It allows people to screen visitors without even getting up from their terminal. It also eliminates the need to open the door personally or shut it afterward. With smart buzzer systems that can be connected to a phone, people can allow entry to visitors even if they are not physically present at the location themselves. These are particularly helpful for busy moms and dads who have to allow access to babysitters when they are not at home.

Is it expensive to get a buzzer system in Sarasota, FL?

Well, that depends on the type of buzzer system you are looking to purchase. Modern buzzer systems come with various security features, such as access cards, biometric readers and even body temperate detection. Commercial door buzzer entry systems in Sarasota, FL typically fall in the range of $1000-10,000. People who wish to install a regular door buzzer system at home just for convenience can opt for the simpler variants that do not come with some of the advanced features that are needed in security places such as hospitals and offices.

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The chief benefits of installing a buzzer system, especially as part of your commercial security setup:

Greater security: As mentioned before, a buzzer system gives a boost to your security by allowing you greater control over who can enter the building or a restricted section within the office. Most buzzer systems use electric strikes to bolt/unbolt the door lock when pressed. This means that if you don’t buzz someone inside, they will have no way of entering the property. Plus, with an integrated camera, you can keep a track of who all visited the building. It also serves as an effective deterrent for burglars.

Efficiency: The other key benefit is of course efficiency. In most cases, it is not about keeping people out but allowing you or your staff the ease of granting access with the press of a button. Not only does the system eliminates the need to carry keys, but also reduces the effort that would otherwise be spent going all the way to the door to allow someone inside. This is vital, especially in receptions. You don't want your receptionist or front door staff to get up every time they have to open the door. With a buzzer system, the process becomes smooth and effortless.

Convenience: This is something that goes hand in hand with efficiency. But it is particularly beneficial for homeowners who are not always at home. Door buzzer systems are a great way to monitor who is at the door even if you are sitting thousands of miles away. That’s because you can connect your door buzzer unit to your smartphone. So if the nanny comes home in your absence or your young child has to leave the house in the event of an emergency, you can easily unlock the door through your smartphone.

Advanced screening; With modern systems, not only can you identify visitors by their voice but can also speak to them through a video call with the help of an integrated camera. The built-in night vision camera on some units allows you to screen visitors even when it is pitch dark. Buzzer systems also come with access readers to allow entry only to authorized personnel whose biometric/card information is stored in the system. You can also screen the body temperature of people to know that they are not running a fever. This is a boon in the times of the Covid pandemic.

Stored information: Commercial buzzer systems not only allow easy entry and exit but also store information on each door release for a period of up to one year. This can give you granular access to your office activity and pinpoint exactly who entered or exited the building and at what time. Such features allow you to keep tabs on people, especially in the case of vandalism or stealing at the workplace.